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Chromebook Program


In the fall of 2014, De La Salle North Catholic studied the use of iPads, Windows laptops, and Chromebooks in a variety of public and private high schools throughout Portland, focusing primarily on the many ways students and teachers use the devices. After this research, the school decided in the spring of 2015 that Chromebooks were the optimal choice as they allowed students and staff to collaborate on projects, provided easy and reliable access to the internet, were low cost to purchase and repair with minimal down time, and tied everyone in the community together through Google Classroom. In the fall of 2015, De La Salle North Catholic started providing Chromebooks on mobile carts for use in classrooms throughout the day.

Chromebooks at De La Salle North Catholic

Teachers use Google Classroom to assign, track and evaluate work. When assigned, students log on to their Google account from any Chromebook or computer in the school where they collaborate on group work, conduct research for various course projects, compose expository essays and science reports, and store all of their work in the cloud.  Students are able to access Google Classroom work from home, a local library, or any internet-connected mobile device.


The school owns the Chromebooks and lends them out to students throughout the day. In addition, the school uses a computer management system that tracks usage of each device - which student last logged in and when. The school expects the students to use the Chromebooks responsibly. De La Salle North Catholic expects that our students will use technology in a way that upholds the Lasallian Core Principles of examining our world through the eyes of faith, respect for all persons, concern for social justice, and celebrating our diverse community.


Technology Code of Ethics

As a student of De La Salle North Catholic, I pledge to uphold the following Technology Code of Ethics:


Technology will never be used to

      • harass or bully others;
      • steal or borrow intellectual work;
      • access or store inappropriate or illegal materials;
      • send out chain emails, mass emails, or surveys that have not been approved by faculty, staff or administration;
      • be disrespectful towards teachers by “multitasking” during class time (e.g., social media, messaging, gaming, etc.);
      • photograph, record video or audio of any student, faculty, or staff without their knowledge and consent;
      • express profanity and vulgarities online;
      • attempt to access other students’ or staffs’ private information;
      • share any personal information about you or any student or school personnel to anyone via the internet; or
      • Intentionally threaten or endanger your own safety or the safety of other students or staff members.