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Student Ambassador Program

The Student Ambassador Program is an opportunity for current students to share their experience at De La Salle North Catholic with potential students and their families. This program assists the Admissions Department in recruiting and enrolling talented students to our freshmen class. It is also a great way for Ambassadors to develop their leadership and communication skills by talking to others outside the school about life at De La Salle.


A Student Ambassador is a De La Salle lover who is eager and excited to spread the word about the work of our community. In order to be able to be effective and truly enjoy their participation in this program, students must be outgoing, energetic, eloquent, and have a positive outlook and a genuine interest in growing our caring community. Students will be asked to share how De La Salle North Catholic has shaped them into the amazing leaders they are today and must be comfortable sharing their story with other people when asked, and be willing to get coached on how to best do so.

The Admissions department may ask interested students for references from other students, teachers or staff. The Admissions department reserves the right to ask teachers and/or staff for commentary regarding the application of students that may be a good fit for the program.  


Student Ambassadors help in various ways, depending on their availability and interests. Student Ambassadors help with our Annual Open House, host student shadows, give tours to prospective families or donors, be part of student panels, ambassadors will join the admissions team on visits to feeder schools, churches, and any other outreach events that we may participate in, with the goal of increasing awareness of our school and our community.

Student Ambassadors work on their communication skills, work on their strengths and abilities to present De La Salle North Catholic to parents, students, and the community.


The benefits of becoming a student ambassador for De La Salle North Catholic High School are:

  • You would be getting out in the community and sharing your perspective as a DLSNC student to prospective students and families which will enhance your leadership and communication skills.
  • You will gain invaluable leadership experience that will make your resume stand out from your peers when applying to college, jobs, etc.  
  • Ms. Sims and Ms. Rivera would be able to write a letter of recommendation on your behalf.
  • Food, Food, and more food will be provided at meetings and goodies before and after recruitment events!


After the completion of all the events our ambassadors have assisted with throughout the school year, we host an event to recognize their commitment and accomplishments during the recruitment season. Other activities throughout the school year will be done to thank our student ambassadors for their hard work!


Each year a student will need to re-apply. Please follow up with the admissions department for the most up to date information on how to re-apply and when to do so.

Involvement of Student Ambassadors on all the events is subject to their academic and work commitments. Students may never assist on any event during a work day. A student enrolled in this program is subject to their continued academic and work performance, as well as the commitment they show to the program.

For more information and how to apply, please contact Ms. Rivera or Ms. Sims at or at 503-706-8990 and leave a message.