Student Life

Student Life

Student life allows students to share interests and activities beyond the classroom experience. De La Salle offers our student population activities far beyond simply academic, athletic, and spiritual endeavors. We are aware that the teen years are instrumental in laying the foundation for the kind of life-giving servants we prepare our students to be. Aspects of student life have a primary emphasis on being “other-focused,” which includes actively seeking opportunities to assist others at home, at school, and in the community.

Our students are expected to actively pursue a faith walk along with understanding of who they are as blossoming young adults. In our short history, De La Salle North has participated in days that include outreach to people without homes, adults living at senior residential care facilities, child care centers, and local elementary classrooms.

Although this may sound quite serious, De La Salle North also offers a variety of more traditional high school activities and fun events that include everyone and strengthen teamwork and friendship.

Programs and Services

De La Salle North students graduate with more than just skills to succeed in college. They have ongoing access to programs that promote healthy living, spiritual growth, service to the community, and an appreciation of the arts.

Our Counseling Office assists students with tutoring, family involvement and support, health and wellness services, mentoring programs, a nutrition program, and one-on-one and group counseling sessions. Counselors also manage financial assistance resources beyond financial aid. The Counseling Office serves as a resource for students with college admission, financial aid, and scholarship questions, providing all students with comprehensive support throughout their high school years.

Lasallian Youth Ministry (LYM) combines campus ministry, community service, student activities, and student government into one comprehensive student life program. The ministry consists of three integral components—Faith, Service, and Community—that work to build unity on campus, reinforce students’ faith lives, and provide service to others. With more than 50 activities each year, LYM gives students countless opportunities to get involved on campus and in the community. There are also a variety of athletics and student clubs to join, keeping young minds and bodies healthy and engaged!

De La Salle students are encouraged to be helpful and committed citizens not only at school but also at home and in their neighborhoods. It is not unusual to receive a report from an area business or individual that a De La Salle North was spotted lending a helping hand, doing a kind deed, or acting with integrity and justice. The School That Works is proud to also be known as “the school that helps.”