Corporate Work Study Program

A distinctive feature of our school’s successful college preparatory program is mandatory student participation in our unique Corporate Work Study Program. Each day, a quarter of our students are off-site, working from 9 a.m.–5 p.m. in a real, entry-level white-collar job in the corporate world. For twelve years, numerous local employers have partnered with De La Salle North to provide jobs for our students, giving underserved young people opportunities for personal growth and workplace skill development while supporting their dreams of college. Students earn 50% of the cost of their education and develop a full appreciation for the value of education through the program, while employers reap the benefits of increased workplace diversity, motivated student employees, mentorship, and community development.

Our work study program engages local and national companies to provide a wide range of work experiences. Students are employed throughout the Portland metro area in diverse settings, including financial institutions, healthcare, hospitality, law firms, retail, and universities. Partnering companies contract with the Corporate Work Study Program to fill full-time, entry-level positions with De La Salle North students. Each student works five days per month in a job-sharing team comprised of four students. Working in a rotating schedule, each team fills one FTE job in a standard Monday-through-Friday business week schedule. The program sets the tone for student behavior and expectations in the workplace and in the classroom. Students graduate from De La Salle North with the equivalent of a full year of work experience.

New students participate in a summer training program to prepare them for the expectations of the business world. Training includes the importance of making a positive first impression, guidelines for professional office attire, honing communication skills and customer service, and operating basic office equipment. Through participation in the Corporate Work Study Program, students receive academic credit and gain valuable real-world experience, equipping them for life beyond high school.

The financial impact of this program is incredible. Since 2001 nearly $13.5 million in earned income from corporate partners has been invested in our north Portland school. While both employers and De La Salle North benefit from these partnerships, it is students who reap the greatest rewards, as they enter college and future workplaces prepared and ready to contribute.


Corporate Work Study Program Staff

Walt Ghant, Executive Director
503.285.9385, ext. 125

Kevin Doherty, Business Development Manager
503.285.9385, ext. 104

Kat Merry, Program Operations Manager
503.285.9385, ext. 133

Matthew Finn, Corporate Partner Relations Coordinator,
503-285-9385, ext. 154

Felix Velazquez, Corporate Partner Relations Coordinator
503-285-9385, ext. 106

Jamie Alberts, Transportation Coordinator
503-285-9385, ext. 184