Imagine learning in an environment where faith and service come together, where you can see the effects of social justice in your own community. At De La Salle North, religion is experienced through service in addition to classroom instruction.

Imagine exploring Latin American cultures through the written and spoken word, learning to communicate more effectively in an increasingly global society. Spanish is alive at our school, not simply learned through worksheets and memorization.

Imagine creating a résumé, learning habits you can apply both to school and on the job, and working in teams to improve collaboration skills. The workplace is brought to life in the classroom and in businesses in and around the city.

We hold our students to high standards, and they work hard. On top of the daily course load, our students balance the demands of working five days per month. After-school tutoring, called Tutor in Progress (TIP), is offered for students with extra needs, and many students stay to meet with teachers for further instruction after normal school hours. Our students have a high degree of adaptation and flexibility.

To graduate, students must earn a minimum of 32 credits in 10 subject areas. During all four years, they maintain a heavy load of college prep courses and work at local corporations and nonprofit organizations. The hours of study both in class and at home train our students to prioritize their time, follow through with commitments, and persevere when expectations are demanding. These expectations are supported through strong relationships with a dedicated faculty and counseling staff, who ensure that our students have the help they need to be competent, faith-filled, and college ready.

Summer School

Parents, as you prepare your family for De La Salle North, part of this preparation will be to ensure that your student is ready for the excellent academic courses he or she is about to undertake. De La Salle North prepares students for college and life after college. Being enrolled at our school is one thing; succeeding here takes hard work and lots of motivation. A student’s acceptance letter indicates a conditional acceptance. In order to fulfill acceptance requirements, student must complete eighth grade, remain in “good standing” in both conduct and academics, and successfully participate in our “Early Start Summer Session,” designed to support students in their first year with a core course.

If you have questions or need to provide us with information, please contact Tim Joy, the assistant director of education.

Credit/Graduation Requirements

Religion 4
English 4
Social Studies 3.5
Mathematics 4
Lab Science 4
Spanish 2
Health/PE 2
Corporate Internship 4
Employment Foundation .5
Electives 4

Contact Academics

Maria Cabrera
Vice Principal
503.285.9385 ext. 137